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Anti Book-Crossing Diatribe
July 28, 2008, 4:50 pm
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Here’s the theory: You register a book with and are issued with a unique tagging code. You then write the tag into your book, together with an instruction for finders to log on to The next step is to abandon your book in a public place and hope that some obliging member of the public will find it and register its new location via the website. It’s supposed to a be fun, ecologically sound, way of feeding the literature-starved masses whilst earning oneself a few karma points.

It’s an outrage! I can’t imagine defacing my precious books and abandoning them to an uncaring world. Unthinkable to leave them to a fate of being chewed by curious dogs or cut up to make wraps for crack dealers.  I’m afraid I’m unashamedly avaricious when it comes to books. Sometimes I can’t constrain myself and I’m compelled buy a copy of something I already own because I love it so much.

Haven’t these do-gooders heard of public libraries? I believe that’s where the commoners go when they yearn for something a little more substantial than the Metro News. If the book-crossers were really so concerned about consumerism they’d support their local libraries instead. It was with more than a little glee that I read that the book-crossing website developers have sold out and now users have to pay a monthly fee to use all the previously free features and have the right to comment in the forums there. Serves ’em right for besmirching books, killing dogs, supporting crack dealers and being generally patronising.


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